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Multiplayer Snakes And Ladders


It one of the most wonderful ideas that the game developers have ever had – to “virtualize” this game! In this simple yet delightful game you and your opponent in turns throw dice and move your chips. How much steps you’ll make with your chip depends on the number of points the dice shows. The Ladder helps you advance omitting levels, the Snake, on the contrary, throws you back. If you reach the top first you will be the winner! You can enjoy “Snakes And Ladders” playing it with real people, more than two players can take part. Huge company – more fun!


In this game you and your opponents take turns to roll the die, after rolling the die you should move your piece the number of steps shown in the die. When your piece lands on the bottom of a ladder, then you can advance your piece to the top of the ladder; on the other hand, if your piece lands on the head of a snake, then your piece must move back to the tail of the snake. The player who reaches the top block wins.

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